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President's Message

Salam to all.

The Covid-19 situation seems to be coming to an end and many countries, including Singapore, are slowly opening up their borders and loosening their safe management measures. In fact, some like the UK, have totally reverted to the pre-Covid lifestyle even as they move into an endemic phase.

This positive step towards opening up means we can now organise our long-awaited tournaments or travel overseas to compete in regional and international tournaments. There are still conditions to adhere to so everything has to be on a small scale first.


With that in mind, PERSES kicked off its first tournament by organising the Veterans' Regu tournament on 20 March 2022. The tournament was a resounding success partly because of the limited participation and which makes it manageable.


The challenge will be in managing bigger tournaments with the same revised safe management measures. Hopefully, Singapore is able to open up fully soon for us to run bigger tournaments like our Premier League, the Pesta Sukan, the Community Games and all the other age-groups tournaments.


With the opening up, we also hope to kickstart all our programmes which had stalled when the pandemic started.

Chief amongst this is the continuous rebuilding of our national team so that we can bring back the glory days of  Sepaktakraw in Singapore. 


We will put in place plans to rejuvenate the school/ITE scene so that we can continue to have a constant supply of talents for the national team and at the same time, make Sepaktakraw a sport of choice amongst school-going children and young adults.


We will also kickstart our corroboration with SportSG to run the SportCares programme to reach out to at-risk youngsters, through sports, in the effort to promote inclusiveness in our society where we leave no one behind. Who knows that we may also unearth some hidden sepaktakraw talents amongst the SportCares participants.


On the business front, we will continue to utilize our IPC status to the max and raise funds to support our high-performance programmes. The national players are our stars and ensuring their success is ensuring the success of the sport in the long run. Every support must be given to ensure that they can focus on securing victory for the nation. We will also develop pathways for our national athletes so that they can earn a living through the sport and continue to contribute even after their playing days are over. 

I call on the community to support us in this effort to revamp and rejuvenate the sport in Singapore. We know that this is a big challenge for us but no victory is possible without pain, blood and sweat.


Majulah sukan untok negara!


Mohd Nasri Haron


Singapore Sepaktakraw Federation

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