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The Singapore Sepaktakraw Federation (PERSES) is the national governing body for Sepaktakraw;


PERSES plays an important role as the governing body and sanctioning Sepaktakraw competitions in Singapore.

We are responsible for developing and growing Sepaktakraw locally in three (3) key areas, namely:

          - Technical Development;

          - Sports Pathways Development; and

          - Sustainable Elite Level Performance;


We are a member of Asian Sepaktakraw Federation (ASTAF) and International Sepaktakraw Federation (ISTAF);


We are a Charity and an Institution of Public Character (IPC); and


We are a corporate member of People's Association and an affiliate to the Singapore National Olympic Committee.


PERSES believes that Clubs, CSCs and Associations who are directly promoting Sepaktakraw should and must have a say in shaping the future of Sepaktakraw in Singapore. It must be a collective effort by all those in the fraternity for all those in the fraternity. 



To be the Sport of Choice;

To be played by all regardless of age, race and gender;


Preserving our game's ethic and traditions and 

Commercially viable.

To excel in Asia and World Sepak Takraw:

Our Men's National Team to be number 1 ranked team;

Our Women's National Team to be ranked top 3; and

Our COE teams to excel in competitions.


To connect with community through Sepak Takraw;

To ensure standards in our governance and administration;

To  lead innovative development in Sepak Takraw;

To promote Sepak Takraw whilst maintaining the game's ethic and traditions; and

To inspire future generations and youths to play the sports.









Fighting Spirit

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