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The High Performance Sports Department supports carded athletes in the HPS Talent Pathway. Its aim is to nurture Singapore’s talent, enabling them to achieve sporting success and to stand as social role models and national sporting heroes.


The Singapore Sports Institute’s  (SSI) has announced a revised framework for SpexCarding from FY19 onwards. The SpexCarding system is a high performance sports support by Sports SG.  For more details, please refer to HERE.

Successful applicants would be identified and gain access to financial and sports science support from SSI.


The athlete’s eligibility for spexCarding:  

i. Either “Singapore citizens”, or “Foreign Sports Talents (FSTs) who are Employment Pass (EP) holders or Permanent Residents (PR)”. (For Team sports that permit foreign athlete representation, non-Singapore citizens may also apply. A quota of 1.5 times the total number of foreign athletes eligible to compete under the relevant International Federation rules will apply);
ii. Has an athlete profile in SportSync;  
iii. Has an annual training and competition plan (YPI) including key performance indicators (KPIs) in SportSync and with an identified primary coach; 
iv. Accepts and adheres to the “spexCarding Athlete Agreement”. (Tripartite Agreement between NSA/Athlete/SportSG);
v. Accepts and adheres to the “Sport-Specific Agreement” between Athlete/NSA; and 
vi. Has an athlete’s performance profile i.e. at least 3 data points, to judge the level of carding rather than a single data point.


Carding Framework.png
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